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TAG App Delivery at Kubecon EU 2024

Kubecon EU 2024

KubeCon EU 2024 is only four more weeks away!
The TAG App Delivery is excited to bring together cloud-native application developers and framework builders to meet each other and share insights and knowledge. Our goal is to make cloud development better for all by gathering feedback, finding synergies and guiding both users and projects.

TAG booth

You can find the TAG App Delivery at our booth PP19-A in the project pavilion, where we will have lightning talks and showcase the work of the platforms and artifact working groups.

The CfP for lightning talks is now closed.

Please note the following requirements to submit a talk propsal

  • The topic should be relevant to the TAG app-delivery. If in doubt, refer to our charter
  • When submitting project presentations, keep in mind that we will only accept CNCF projects, or projects submitted to CNCF sandbox.
  • Lightning talks will be a maximum of 10 minutes, a computer display can not be guaranteed. The call for proposals ends March 3rd. If your talk is accepted, we will notify you by March 9th. If you did not hear back from us, your submission has unfortunately not been accepted.

TAG presentations

We will also have two presentations at KubeCon itself.

On Tuesday, Tech Lead Lian Li will give A Quick Look at the TAG App Delivery in the form of a lightning talk.

On Thursday, TAG chair Thomas Schuetz and Tech Lead Lian Li will talk about the everchanging landscape of cloud-native application delivery and how that influences the scope of our work in the TAG.


We will continuously update the below schedule as more information becomes available. You can also subscribe to the TAG KubeCon Calendar to conveniently keep up to date with our activites.

Tuesday: Co-located Events

07:15 - 08:45Le Bellune 35 Boulevard Victor 75015Platform Lean CoffeeCoffee and pastries sponsored by GitPod
09:00 - 19:00Level 7.1 Room BPlatform Engineering DayAbby Bangser, Bryan Oliver, Colin Griffin
09:00 - 17:30Level 7.1 Room CBackstageCon
09:00 - 17:35Level 7.3 Room S04AppDeveloperConMauricio Salatino
09:00 - 17:30Level 7.3 Room N03ArgoConAndre Marcelo-Tanner, Andrew Block, Scott Rigby
12:30 - 12:37Level 7.1 Room DA Quick Look at the TAG App DeliveryLian Li
15:30 - 15:50Gaumont AquaboulevardOpenshift Commons panel From Platform Engineering to Developer Success
Lian Li, Thomas Schuetz, Atul Sharma, Mauricio Salatino

Wednesday: Conference Day 1

07:15 - 08:45Le Bellune 35 Boulevard Victor 75015Platform Lean CoffeeCoffee and pastries sponsored by Kratix
10:45 - 12:00Booth PP19-APublic Project MeetingTAG leads
12:00 - 13:00Booth PP19-AOpen Booth: WG ArtifactsAndrew Block
13:00 - 13:10Booth PP19-AOpenGitOps: Who we are and what we doChristian Hernandez
13:17 - 13:27Booth PP19-AThe state of GitOps Progressive Delivery 2024Anton Weiss
13:34 - 13:44Booth PP19-ASelf-service infrastructure with BackstageEngin Diri
13:51 - 14:01Booth PP19-ARevolutionizing Container Image Building with kpackTimo Salm
14:08 - 14:18Booth PP19-AKubernetes Developer Experience PatternsLou Bichard
14:25 - 14:35Booth PP19-AKnative for App DeliveryAli Ok
14:42 - 14:52Booth PP19-ADelivering next-gen applications with WebAssemblyJoonas Bergius

Thursday: Conference Day 2

07:15 - 08:45Le Bellune 35 Boulevard Victor 75015Platform Lean CoffeeCoffee and pastries sponsored by Krumware
10:30 - 10:40Booth PP19-AArgoCD GitOps Bridge PatternCarlos Santana
10:47 - 10:57Booth PP19-AEmpowering and Accelerating Cloud-Native Development with Buildpacks.ioMichael Murabito
11:04 - 11:14Booth PP19-AThe BACK StackDavid Murphy
11:21 - 11:31Booth PP19-ASustainable software development in KubernetesDavide Bianchi
11:38 - 11:48Booth PP19-ABringing an Internal Developer Platform to LifeAndre Marcelo-Tanner
11:55 - 12:05Booth PP19-ASeamless service tracing with OpenTelemetryJavier Fernandez Rodriguez
12:12 - 12:22Booth PP19-ATrace It Right: Observability-Powered Testing at the Speed of LightKen Hamric
12:30 - 13:30Booth PP19-AOpen Booth: WG PlatformsDavid Stenglein, Bryan Oliver
15:25 - 16:00Level 7.3 Room E05 - E06Navigating the Depth of App Delivery Through MemesLian Li, Thomas Schuetz

Friday: Conference Day 3

10:30 - 12:30Booth PP19-AOpen Booth