Ways to get involved with the TAG

Here are a few suggestions on how to get started with the CNCF Technical Advisory Group (TAG) App Delivery. While you may find it useful to approach each in order, there is no requirement to do so. Find what makes sense to you and jump in!

Research a bit on what topics interest you the most.

The TAG has a lot of topics to cover under App Delivery. Some of the larger topics have become Working Groups (WGs) but there is still a lot more to discuss at the top TAG level. Titles of WGs and projects may be self-explanatory, but sometimes not. Continue on to learn more about how to find the right project for you.

Join Slack

Luckily, the CNCF slack isn’t a quiet place, it’s very active and provides a lot of great value. A great thing to start with is by simply introducing yourself in a WG channel and saying what you’re interested in. The leaders of the WG will point you in the right direction along with others that have contributed.

See what issues are available on GitHub

There’s everything from code-specific issues to documentation issues and everything in-between. Feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion. You can find them under the CNCF GitHub org for each TAG. For example, here’s the link to the App Delivery Tag:

Review on-going projects looking for contributors

In some cases there are not formal issues opened or a previous issue continues to have ways to provide ongoing contributions. In this case there may be an entry in the Projects section describing how you can get involved in one of the ongoing initiatives.

Join a meeting

This may seem scary at first, especially if you’re new, but it’s a great way to dive in and see friendly faces after chatting with folks on Slack when you’re more comfortable. The meetings are structured with talking points in a shared google doc. You may be given time to introduce yourself (if you want!) and you are welcome to bring a topic to the meeting.

Contribute a new idea

While there are always a number of ongoing topics in the TAG, they all started as new ideas. If you have a new proposal we encourage you to open an issue using the community contribution template and start to build the community of people who would want to work with you on it!

In conclusion, get started your way

TAG and WG members come in all styles. Some have never been to a call, others rarely engage on GitHub. The real power in the community is the coming together of different experiences and ideas to generate useful content for the wider cloud native community. You and your experiences are a big part of that, so come join us today!

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