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TAG App Delivery at Kubecon Chicago

Kubecon Chicago 2023

At Kubecon Chicago TAG App Delivery will bring together maintainers and users of projects that enable cloud-native application delivery to meet and learn from each other. The TAG’s goals as always are to a) enable application delivery projects to learn from each other and from cloud application developers and b) make application delivery faster and more efficient for end users.

To this end the TAG will host a project meeting on Monday morning at the Marriott Marquis on Level 4, room name “Probability”; and booth 41 in the project pavilion at the conference center on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. At these venues we’ll be hosting talks and discussions about app delivery topics; if you’d like to share an open source project, a new idea, or just lead an open discussion please let us know by filling out this form. The project meeting will also be livestreamed to YouTube.

Here’s that info again:

  • Project meeting on Monday 11/6 from 8am-12pm at the Marriot Marquis, Level 4, room name Probability and YouTube.
  • Booth and meetup spot at project pavilion booth #P10 on the show floor each afternoon and evening
  • Form for presentation and discussion proposals: https://forms.gle/ZbNxrK5f72otckvj7

The TAG will also host a panel discussion on Tuesday at 3:25pm on the relevance of platforms and platform engineering for efficient cloud-native computing. Please join us!

Stop by our booth to chat about platforms, GitOps, artifacts and other app delivery topics and learn more about the TAG.

Pre-day meetup - Monday morning

The schedule for the project meeting on Monday morning will be as follows. The meeting will be live streamed and recorded too.

08:00TAG General ReviewTAG Leads
09:00Sandbox submission review for RadiusJonathan Smith, Microsoft
10:00Learn about and discuss CNOENima Kaviani, AWS
11:00Workload Specifications: Your Best Friends In Platform EngineeringAtulpriya Sharma, InfraCloud
-Automating the Deployment of Data Workloads to Kubernetes with ArgoCD, Argo Workflows, and HeraMatt Menzenski, Payit
-Beyond the Bundle: Porter and CNABSarah Christoff, Microsoft
-From Apps to Stacks: Delivering Reusable Analytic Stacks on KubernetesRobert Hodges, Altinity

Booth meetups - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

The schedule for talks at the booth follows:

Nov 7 @ 17:00Chat with participants from Platforms Panel
Nov 8 @ 15:00Talks and discussions
-Speed up your API delivery with Microcks
-How to Build a GitOps Internal Developer Platform on Kubernetes
-KubeConstellations: Platform Engineering Patterns
-AAA framework & DCD capability map for Platform Engineering

See you in Chicago!