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TAG App Delivery at Kubecon EU 2023

Kubecon EU 2023

At Kubecon EU next week TAG App Delivery will bring together cloud-native application developers and framework builders to meet each other and share insights and knowledge. Our goal is to make cloud development better for all by gathering feedback, finding synergies and guiding both users and projects.

To this end the TAG will host the following lightning talk meetups. The list of talks and presenters follows below.

  • a pre-day meetup in RAI Room D301, Congress Center
  • a booth meetup on Wednesday 4/19 at 3:00pm in booth K1 in the CNCF Project Pavilion in the Solutions Hall
  • a booth meetup on Thursday 4/20 at 1:30pm in booth K1 in the CNCF Project Pavilion in the Solutions Hall

In addition to these meetings and talks, the TAG will host booth K1 in the project pavilion in the first half of each conference day. Stop by any time to chat with us and learn more about the TAG; initiatives related to operators, GitOps, Platforms and more; and App Delivery-related CNCF projects.

Also, if you work on an open source project related to app delivery and don’t have your own booth, you’re welcome to reserve the TAG booth for a session describing your project! Please DM Josh Gavant on CNCF Slack to coordinate.

Pre-day meetup - Tuesday

13:00TAG General ReviewTAG Leads
13:30Lightning Talks on Application Delivery
Porting CloudFoundry Abstractions on KubernetesRam Iyengar
Platform Maturity ModelAbby Bangser
Project Unox - A platform showcase experimentGopal Ramachandran
Burden of Responsibility in cloud-native App DevelopmentColin Griffin
Tailored Platforms on top of KubernetesMauricio Salatino
14:30TAG Work in Progress ReviewWG Leads
PlatformsJosh Gavant
OperatorsJennifer Streyevitch
ArtifactsAndrew Block
GitOpsScott Rigby
15:30Lightning Talks on Application Delivery
Capabilities of PortalsJosh Gavant
K8sGPT brings superpowers to everyoneAlex Jones
Enable secure self-service access to Kubernetes clusters with ParalusAbhinav Mishra
Microcks intro: The Open-source Kubernetes Native tool for API Mocking and TestingYacine Kheddache
Identity-defined Microservice NetworksKarthik Prabhakar

Booth meetups - Wednesday and Thursday

As mentioned above, we’ll hold meetups with lightning talks on App Delivery topics at booth K1 on Wednesday at 3:00pm and Thursday at 1:30pm.

The schedule for the booth follows:

Apr 19 @ 10:30 - 16:00Booth open
Apr 19 @ 15:00 - 16:00Meetup and Lightning Talks
ClickOps over GitOpsLaszlo Fogas
Implementing the pattern of “as-a-Service” (using Kratix)Abby Bangser
Monitoring-As-Code with CrossplaneMatthias Luebken
Using GitOps for AWS Serverless InfrastructureCarlos Santana
Far Beyond Virtual ClustersDario Tranchitella
GitOps made easy for any applications with PipeCDKhanh Tran
Apr 20 @ 10:30 - 14:30Booth open
Apr 20 @ 13:30 - 14:30Meetup and presentations
ReleaseOps: GitOps for the PeopleLian Li
Composable Platforms with CarvelThomas Vitale
Making “Tenants” first-class citizens in Kubernetes with CapsuleDario Tranchitella
Apr 21 @ 10:30 - 12:30Booth open

TAG presentation

Last but not least, join TAG leads on Thursday for a session describing how applications, operators, GitOps and platforms come together to enable efficient and delightful cloud-native application delivery.

Hope to see you in Amsterdam!