Operator Working Group Charter

The charter describes the mission and tactics of the Operator working group (WG)

Operator Working Group Charter


  • Omer Kahani (@OmerKahani)
  • Jennifer Strejevich (@Jenniferstrej)
  • Thomas Schuetz (@thschue)


  • Assemble and consolidate available best practices how to write operators e.g. CRDs, APIs, ….
  • Patterns and use cases how to use operators
  • Enable a forum for projects developing operators
  • Coordination work amongst participants/projects in the operator ecosystem.
  • Guidance around interoperability, configuration, management, and consumption of operators
  • Operator definition and maturity/capability model
  • Operator Security
  • Custom Resource discovery, use, auditability
  • Upgrade/Rollback best practices for controllers and CRDs
  • Data sharing between operands/operators, like some configMap, secrets etc
  • Identify requirements with other projects and engage with the right projects. Discover operator needs to present in other sigs

First Goal:

  • Create A Whitepaper (Initially Definition of an Operator)


  • Writing SDKs for building operators
  • Recommendation of individual operator projects or tools
  • Non-Kubernetes Operators (at this time)
  • Creation of any new software projects

Potential Future Scope

  • Airgapped Operators
  • Meta Operator/Umbrella Operator
  • Operand Lifecycle Management

Working Group Meetings

every other week on wednesday (Zoom Meeting)

  • 9 AM US Pacific Standard Time
  • 12 AM US Eastern Standard Time
  • 6 PM Central European Time