Operator 工作组

This working group is currently inactive

Current Goal

Create A Whitepaper (Initially Definition of an Operator)

How to contribute

  1. Join us in Slack #sig-app-delivery-operator-wg
  2. Read the Operator Whitepaper
  3. Grab a ticket and write content - we have a project with all the tickets
  4. Open a new ticket for things that are missing

For more details, see our CONTRIBUTING.md


Every other week on Wednesday ( Zoom Meeting)

  • 9 AM US Pacific Standard Time
  • 12 AM US Eastern Standard Time
  • 6 PM Central European Time



CNCF Operator 白皮书

In this document, we outline not only the taxonomy of an operator but the recommended configuration, implementation and use cases for an operator application management system.


The charter describes the mission and tactics of the Operator working group (WG)